November 2023 Release Notes

This release notification is a summary of new updates & enhancements that are now live in the CaredFor app.

Software Update

We have made recent upgrades to some of the technology supporting the CaredFor application. We do strongly encourage all account owners to ensure the Apple Developer Account for their organization is up to date with agreements and memberships to ensure the best performance.

NEW My Wellness Page

Introducing the NEW My Wellness page, a personal space to cultivate self-awareness and promote emotional well-being. This page will be available to all app members and is the new home of the Gratitude Journal. 

We will continue to expand the NEW My Wellness page, with plans to include a new Wellness Tracker feature that will be available in a future release.


We have addressed the bug in our tech stack that was causing issues for Android users when adding media to a post. As a result, Android users will no longer be required to indicate whether they are uploading a single media file or multiple media files when making a post. 

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