My Wellness

The My Wellness feature is a space where you can cultivate self-awareness and promote emotional well-being by tracking your mood regularly.

You can start a Mood Tracker by making an entry via one of two locations in the app:

At the top of the For You page > How Are You Feeling? or

Main Menu > My Wellness > My Trackers tab > How Are You Feeling?

When making an entry you'll first select how you are feeling on a scale of 1-5 (1 being awful and 5 being great).

You'll then have the option to select from a bank of context words that further describe how you are feeling, add a free text note, or include an image before electing to Save your entry.

There is no limit to how many entries you can make in a given period of time, but we do recommend tracking your mood daily to provide an opportunity to properly reflect on what your average mood is and the triggers that may contribute to a positive or negative change in your mood.

All Mood Tracker entries can be viewed on the My Wellness > History tab. You can navigate directly to your detailed history by selecting the Last entry: X days ago (under save button) or by going to the History tab > Mood.

Detailed history will show the daily average of your mood on a chart for all days that you have made a tracker entry. To view details on an individual entry you can scroll down to Previous Responses or click on a data point on the chart and be automatically directed to that entry's details.

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