January 2024 Release Notes

This release notification is a summary of new updates & enhancements that are now live in the CaredFor app.

Wellness Tracker Updates

Super Admins and those with View Analytics permission can now generate a 'Wellness Tracker Export' on the Dashboard > Reports page, filtering by date range and team.  

Admins and super admins can directly access a member's profile or start a private message from the detailed history view on the Dashboard > Wellness Trackers page.  

The detailed history chart on My Wellness or the Wellness Trackers page now allows you to adjust the displayed data range. 

Contingency Management

To boost member awareness of Contingency Management, we've enhanced the For You tab in the mobile app. It now prominently shows the member's ticket balance, progress towards spinning to win, and direct access to the Contingency Management page for prize spins. Additionally, it provides details on actions members can take to earn points. 

"For You" Tab

Alongside the Contingency Management update, we've relocated the Two Factor Authentication prompt to a new promotion section on the For You tab. This section now includes the Make a Referral prompt and check-in notifications, all accessible through side scrolling. 

Surveys & Forms

We have fixed a bug that was preventing survey question numbers from automatically updating when a survey question has been deleted. 

User Profile

For apps using the optional Pronouns field on the user profile, we have expanded the list of options to include: She/They and He/They. 

Terms of Service

We have updated the CaredFor terms of service. You can view the latest version in the app by visiting the Main Menu > Terms of Service page located at the very bottom of the menu. 

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