March 2024 Release Notes

This release notification is a summary of new updates & enhancements that are now live in the CaredFor app.


We are now offering three new assessments in the app: BARC-10, DAST-10, and WHO-5. Please reach out to our support team to have these added to your app today, and stay tuned for additional assessment offerings in upcoming releases.

Contingency Management

Contingency Management prizes can now be added for specific teams at your facility. When creating or editing a prize, use the new "Publish To" field to select a specific team, multiple teams, or all teams. 

On the Dashboard > Contingency Management > Rewards tab, you can now filter the view to exclude prizes with no inventory or to view physical or virtual prizes only. 

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders have been updated to include a link to the app and to remind a member to confirm their appointment if they have not already done so. 

Appointment Scheduling

Admins now have the ability to filter the Dashboard > Appointments > Upcoming tab by the appointment status (not confirmed, confirmed, reschedule requested).

App Notifications

Appointment (SMS) and New Message (push and SMS) notifications have been moved to a priority queue to ensure consistent real-time delivery of these notifications, where applicable.

Our team has put together a document outlining the types of notifications that come from the app and when they are sent.

Notification Messages

Appointment notifications are no longer configurable by a facility via the notification messages page. This ensures that all members are receiving the updated default notification that prompts them to confirm their appointment. 

Surveys & Forms

Admins can now view additional comments captured for a survey question via the survey responses page accessed via the Dashboard or the User Profile.

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