May 2024 Release Notes

This release notification is a summary of new updates & enhancements that are now live in the CaredFor app.

Software Update

We have made recent upgrades to some of the technology supporting the CaredFor application. We do strongly encourage all account owners to ensure the Apple Developer Account for their organization is up to date with agreements and memberships to ensure the best performance.

Contingency Management

1. Admins with the "Manage Contingency Management" permission can now mark physical prizes as "fulfilled," with the transactions list displaying the fulfillment details.

2. Admins can manually add points for actions completed outside the app by accessing the user's profile, selecting the Add Points button in the CM section, and specifying the points and reason.

3. The Contingency Management transactions tab now allows filtering by prize type (physical or virtual) and fulfillment status.

4. The Contingency Management transactions CSV export now includes fulfillment status information.

5. Two new point-earning actions are added: Completing a Care Journey step (10 points) and Completing an entire Care Journey (50 points), accessible via the "How to Earn Points" option on the For You page.

Care Journeys

Admins now have the ability to delete any Care Journey from the list that is in an unpublished status OR has been published, but not yet sent to any recipients. 

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