Create and Assign Treatment Work

The Treatment Work feature can help enhance the patient experience in IOP and MAT settings. When assigned a piece of treatment work, members are given brief instructions, asked to consume a piece of content (article, video, etc), and then answer a series of follow up questions. Clinicians can then download the responses like you would a survey. 

Create a New Piece of Treatment Work

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Surveys & Forms.
  • Tap New Survey and select Create Treatment Work.
  • Enter a title and a brief call-to-action introduction for the assignment. This is what will be displayed to members on their For Your and Survey pages. The 'Insert First Name' button will add a dynamic placeholder that will display each member's first name in the final message. 
  • Optional: Enter any admin specific instructions. These are not visible to members who are assigned the treatment work.
  • Mark the checkbox if you want to send a reminder text message to members who do not complete the treatment work.

  • Add your desired content for the member to watch/read. Use either the camera icon to upload your own image or video, or tap the link icon to link to an outside resource - like an online article, YouTube video, etc. 
  • Tap Add Question to create your follow up questions. If you're unfamiliar with the question types available in the app, you can learn more here.
  • Tap Save in the top right corner.

Assigning Treatment Work

Treatment work can be sent to an individual, a team, or a contact list. Once sent, the assignment will show up on the member's For You page and on the Surveys page.

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Surveys & Forms.
  • Tap the drop down menu and select Treatment Work. You'll now see a list of all active assignments.
  • Tap the V to the right of your desired assignment, then select to either send to a member or to a team/contact list. 
  • Fill in the start and end date and time, and select the recipient from the list. Then tap Save.

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