Create a Survey

Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Surveys & Forms:

  • Tap the green + New Survey button in the top right corner, then select Create Survey.
  • Enter a survey Title.
  • Enter a short call-to-action message. This message will be included in the stream and notification sent to the member. (All fields must contain 255 characters or less)
    • Tap Insert First Name to personalize the message by including the name of the member taking the survey. Anywhere you see “%first_name%” will be replaced with the member's first name in the final message.
  • Add optional admin facing information to provide additional context, like scoring information. These details will be visible to all admins on the survey management page.
  • Mark the checkbox if you would like to send reminder notifications to members who have not completed the survey. These reminders are sent via SMS 2 days before the survey is set to expire. 
    • You can customize this reminder message by going to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Notification Messages, then scroll down to the Surveys heading.
  • Tap the + Add Question button to begin building your survey. For each question:
    • Enter the question text.
    • Select a question type and enter the corresponding answer choices. (Descriptions of all supported question types are listed below)
    • Mark the checkbox if you want to make the question required.
    • To allow members to add their own supplemental comments, turn the toggle switch on.
  • Once you've finished adding all your questions, tap Save in the top right corner.

Note - You can edit survey questions up until the first time it is sent.

Question Types

  • Multiple choice - Provide members with up to 5 answer choices, displayed in a list. Members can only select one answer.  “Yes” or “No” questions are a typical use case for this question type.
  • Picklist - If you have more than 5 answer choices, use the picklist question type. Answer options will display in a drop down box for members to scroll through. Members can only select one answer.
  • Scale - The scale question type allows you to set a max and min value along with an icon (happy/sad, thumbs up/down, or arrow up/down) to a given question. Typical questions include “Rate your mood” or “How likely are you to recommend our facility to someone seeking treatment?”
  • Open Ended - This provides members with a blank space to type in their own response. The open ended question type allows you to ask your audience to provide more detailed responses for a given question.
  • Likert Scale - This question type allows you to select from a variety of response sets.

CaredFor has a library of template surveys available to use. Email us at to have a template added to your app. 

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