CaredFor Connect Overview

CaredFor Connect is an SMS engagement solution. This comprehensive platform is used for member engagement and support. 

Check out what CaredFor Connect provides:

A Scheduled Cadence of Content

Nurture your members with a schedule of content. Our clinical team has created content themes for patients, alumni, family members, and community support. 

These posts include:

  • inspirational messages
  • resources like books, videos, and podcasts
  • recovery tips
  • testimonials, articles, and other content from the treatment provider

One-time Messages

Is your clinic closed due to inclement weather or a holiday weekend and you need to alert your patients? Perhaps you want to share a holiday message of support. The one-time message feature allows you to schedule this content in advance, providing for a valuable communication platform for your members.

S.O.S. Support

Having the appropriate resources to support your members is critically important. When a member texts "help" or "SOS" we'll respond with a customized message which includes key numbers for them to reach out to.

User Profiles

Text messaging is typically thought of as being anonymous. We've added our profile feature to help get more insights into who's receiving your messages. When users sign up for your CaredFor Connect service, they'll be prompted to enter their first name, last name, and email address. This information is solely for your benefit and can be integrated into our survey tool to provide additional insights into reporting.

Appointment Reminders

Are no-shows a problem for your clinic? The appointments plugin with CaredFor allows for providers to create appointments for their patients and for their patients to be reminded via SMS of upcoming appointments. Depending on your EHR, we may have an integration, allowing for appointments to be integrated with your CaredFor instance.


Whether you are collecting outcomes data, patient satisfaction responses, or gathering feedback on an alumni event - our survey tool is a HIPAA compliant platform for data collection.

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