Create Events

The events feature allows administrators to create an event for users to register for. When an event is created, users receive a notification of the event and then from the app they can respond (going, interested, and not going) to a given event. If the event changes, users will receive a notification informing them of any changes. One day before the event, users will receive an update that the event is nearing. Admins have real time insight into users who are going or are interested in the event.

Here's how to manage events:

  • Navigate to menu > dashboard > create > events

From the "events" page you'll see a listing of current events. By selecting the "past" tab, admins can see a list of prior events.

To create an event, select the green "+" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You'll be prompted to enter the following information:

  • Name of event
  • Details of event
  • Optional event image
  • Location of event
  • Event start date/time
  • Optional event end date/time
  • Which group of users to apply the event to (alumni, family, or all users)

When the event is created it will trigger a notification (push and/or email) to all users that an event has been created. That notification will direct users back into the app where they can respond to an event.

Below the event name, you'll notice the number of responses for a given event. By selecting the event, you'll be able to see all the users who responded to the event.

What's next?

Learn to edit events.

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