Create an Inspiration Post

Inspirations are quotes or images that help to create content for your alumni to engage with. This article describes how to create an inspiration and how they are displayed in the stream.

This feature is only available to admins and moderators. Once posted, the inspiration will trigger a push notification to the user if that notification setting is enabled.

To Create An Inspiration Post

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Dashboard (mobile only) > Content.
  • Tap the + New Entry button and select Inspirations from the menu drop down.
  • Fill in:
    • Title
    • Body Text
    • Upload a photo
    • Add a link
    • Post Date (up to 1 year from the date of creation)
    • Post Time
    • Publish to (which team or teams)


This post includes just a title and uploaded photo.

Members can interact with these posts by liking or commenting.
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