Daily Summary - Best Practices

The Daily Summary on the Dashboard notifies Admins of the top three to five important items happening in the app that day. Admins should use the Daily Summary to prioritize action and outreach for the day. 

menu > dashboard > daily summary

Depending on the day, an Admin could see the following -

  • You have x access requests pending.
    • It’s important to be responsive to members who have requested access in a timely manner.
    • Admins should use registration info to cross reference requests for access with the patient record to confirm that the member is appropriate for membership to the app.
  • There are x events today.
    • Admins will be alerted to any events scheduled for the day as a gentle reminder to make any preparations necessary.
  • X users haven’t engaged in the last week.
    • Disengaged members are defined as someone who hasn’t logged in to the app in the last week.
    • Admins should proactively use this list to reach out to members via phone or private message, as bandwidth permits.
  • These x posts need a comment.
    • Not every post needs a comment but we want to be sure you don’t miss any posts that may need acknowledgment in the stream.
    • If you come across a post that needs follow-up offline, be sure you still acknowledge publicly that you saw the post and will follow-up via private message, phone call, etc. so other members see you’re taking action to be of help.
  • There are x survey responses.
    • It’s important to keep an eye on survey responses. These can often contain information you can take action on today so be sure to check out responses regularly.
  • There are x potential relapses.
    • We surface any members who alter their recovery date for any reason in this list.
    • We make it easy for you to proactively reach out via private message or phone, via the drop down menu to the right of the members information.
    • We recommend reaching out to individuals on this list with something like, “Hi, I wanted to check-in to be sure you were doing okay. Is there anything I can do to support you today?”
    • Our most proactive clients have successfully used this feature to get a number of alumni back into services.
  • X flagged items require your attention
    • Flagged items include posts, comments or profiles that have been flagged as inappropriate by a member of your community.
    • It is important to review flagged items as soon as possible to maintain safety within your community.
    • We make it easy for you to review all of the flagged items via the Community Moderation page.
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