Create a Care Journey

A Care Journey is a custom cadence of content and/or tasks that can be automatically delivered to members. Admins and Super Admins have access to create new Care Journeys. 

Before you start building your Care Journey, we recommend drafting the steps and tasks on paper first. That way you can work out the optimal flow and timing of your steps, and identify all the resources and tasks you want to include. 

To create a Care Journey:

  • Navigate to
    • Here, you'll see a list of all existing Care Journeys. If a Care Journey has been published, you'll see a 'Published' label underneath the title. 
  • Tap the green "+ New Care Journey" button in the top right. 
  • You'll be prompted to enter the following details to configure the main structure of your Care Journey:
    • Title 
    • Introduction - Write a brief overview of the information this journey will cover.
    • Cover Photo - Tap the camera icon to upload your own photo or tap the "Browse on Unsplash" button to search the Unsplash library for a high res photo to use.
    • Date of Reference
      • Admission Date
      • Discharge Date
      • Journey Start Date (the day the journey is assigned to a member)

        Note: If you select discharge date or admissions date and a member does not have that information stored on their profile, the date of reference will default to the journey start date. 

    • Auto Subscribe Trigger
      • Member Joined The App - When a member accepts an invitation or their access request is approved. 
      • Member Potential Relapse - When a member edits the recovery milestone date on their profile. 
    • Allow Self Pace - By default, Care Journey steps will be delivered at the designated cadence you create. If you would like members to get access to all steps at once and move through content on their own, mark this option 'on'. 
  • Tap Continue.
  • You're now ready to create the first journey step. You'll be prompted to enter the following details:
    • Title 
    • Introduction - Write a brief description of this day's topic or tasks. 
    • Cadence - This is the number of days past the Date of Reference you selected earlier on which the step will become available to members. If you select 0, the step will become available on the Date of Reference. 
  • Next, you'll add the tasks for this step. A step can have as many tasks as you need. Tap the
    • Task Type
      • Resource Entry - This allows you to insert a Resource that already exists as content in your Explore library. Enter keywords into the search bar to locate and select your desired Resource. 

        Note: Admins can only add Resources that have been posted to the team(s) for which they are an admin. If a Resource was posted to a different team, it will not show up in that admin's search results. 

      • Survey/Assessment - This allows you to insert a survey or assessment that already exists in your app. Enter keywords into the search bar to locate and select your desired survey. 

        Note: By default, all surveys/assessments added to a Care Journey will remain open for 14 days after the step is delivered to the member. After that the member can still see the journey step, but the survey task will show as 'expired'. 

      • Custom Call to Action - You will write your own custom task. 
    • Title - For Resource and Survey tasks, the title will automatically populate from the content you selected. 
    • Description - Provide any additional context or instructions for the member. 
    • CTA - This field only applies to Custom tasks. Enter the explicit call you action you want members to take. ie - Journal for 1 week, or Attend 2 community support group meetings this week. 
  • Tap Save. Continue adding as many tasks as you need, then tap the green "+ Save" button in the top right to save the whole step. 
  • You'll be redirected to the main journey page. To add more steps, tap Steps on the left then tap the "Add a Step" button and follow the instructions listed above for each new step. 

To publish a Care Journey:

Once all the steps and tasks have been added to a journey, it is ready to be published. A journey must be published for the trigger to automatically assign a journey or in order to manually send the journey to a member or team. To publish a journey:

  • Navigate to Menu > Dashboard > Toggle Admin Menu (mobile only) > Care Journeys and locate the journey in the list. 
  • Tap the down arrow to the right of the journey title. Select Publish.

Note: Be sure you've thoroughly reviewed your Care Journey and made all your edits before you publish. Once published, some elements will no longer be editable. This list outlines what items can still be edited and which cannot. 

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