Inviting Referrals

Once referrals at your facility has been enabled, members will be able to refer other people to the app.

Inviting a Referral

The Referrals page can be accessed from the Main Menu.

Select if you want to send the invitation via Email or Phone Number.

Enter the contact information that corresponds with your selection.

Enter the referred person's First Name and Last Name.

Select the Reason for Referral:

  • Is in need of treatment
  • Has a loved one in need of treatment
  • Is an alumni of the facility
  • Is an outpatient of the facility

Use the checkboxes to indicate:

  • If this person is over the age of 18
  • If this person is aware that they are being referred

Once the form is complete, the Send Message button will be enabled

Note: The Last Name and two checkbox fields are optional fields. The Send Message button will be enabled when those fields are left blank.

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