Tips for Posting Authentic Content

CaredFor apps see a significant increase in engagement when app admins add authentic content at least once a week. These types of interactions help you stay visible to members in the stream so they know you're available and engaged.

Examples of Authentic Content

User Post
Did something inspire you today? Did you have an "ah-ha" moment? Share it in the app. By posting yourself, you're helping to mirror the ways you want other members to engage.

Gratitude Journal

As an admin, using the Gratitude Journal is one of the easiest ways to add authentic content. When you use the gratitude feature, you inspire others to use it as well.

Tip: You can schedule a gratitude post up to 3 days in advance from the Admin Dashboard. That's a great way to post over holidays or long weekends so you can be active, without having to remember to login and post outside of work hours.

Respond to Topics

Participating in a Topic post takes courage for our more passive app users. You can encourage participation by kicking off the conversation.

Share What's Happening at Your Facility

It's important to share more than just resources in the app. Use Promoted Posts, Inspirations, or Topics to share updates or fun snapshots of life at your facility. Highlighting the 3 P's - People, Places, Pets - can evoke authentic emotion and keep members engaged in your community. 

Free Tools For Fresh Content

When designing content for the app, it's best to create your own custom images and text. There are two FREE sites that our clients often use when creating original content.

Unsplash - Free stock photos you can download and use in the app.

Canva -  Graphic design tool. Easily import photos, add text, and customize graphics. 

Tip: Graphic dimensions should be 800x800 px or 1024x512 px for optimization inside the app.

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