Invite User

menu > invite a member

From the "Invite a Member" page, you can add new users to the app. When inviting a new member, you'll be prompted to complete the following information:

  • Email address (if you're inviting via email, enter the user's email address).
  • Phone Number (you should only invite via email or phone, not both).
  • External ID (if you wish to associated this user an electronic medical record ID, you can input it here).
  • Team (select which team this member should belong to). Occasionally a user may need to be a member of two teams. If so, you can check membership to multiple teams.

Once entered, the email or SMS will be sent to that address. Our system will send the first message immediately, then after 5 days if there has been no response, we'll send another (updated) message, and a final message after 7 additional days of no response.

What's next?

Assign user roles.

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