Topics - Conversation Starters

Topics, also known as Conversation Starters, allow you to create discussions with your users. The conversation starter could be just text, text with an image, or just an image. Users are prompted to leave their response to the conversation starter while viewing the post.

Creating a Content Post

To create a content post, open the right hand side menu.

Select dashboard to view administrative tools.

Select content to view the content editing tool.

Select topics as the type of content post to navigate to the topics detail screen.

On the topics detail screen many options are available for creating your custom content including title, content body, images, web links, as well as scheduling preferences and the team you would like to publish the content to. 

Once you are finished creating your content, select save to confirm your post and return back to the content list. 

Interacting with Topics

A conversation topic will post immediately to the teams selected unless a later publishing date and time was entered. Once posted, the topic will display in the content stream.

Team members will be encouraged to join the conversation with a call to action button. Once clicked on, the user will be able to add text and images to their response. 

The last submitted comment will display along with the content post. When more than one comment has been posted, a left down arrow will appear. When selected, the post will expand and display all posted comments. 

To reply to a comment, tap the comment icon. The app will open an editing window where you may type a response. Tap post to send the reply. 

What's next?

Learn more about creating the following content: 

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