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Featured content, or Promoted Posts, allows the facility to schedule articles, event reminders, or other information as a post in the stream of content.

To access Promoted Posts you will go to menu > dashboard > content. Tap on the green + New Entry button and select Promoted Posts from the drop down menu.

At the top of the content page you can create a new featured post. To create featured content, you’ll be asked for the following information:

  • Title - This is the first line of text which will appear in the featured content post and as the title of the push notification.
  • ‘Say something…’ - The is the body of text which will appear below the title and in the push notification.
  • Add Media - Under the body of post you can tap the camera or link icon to add a picture or link to another website to your post.
  • Button URL - Not required, but if used will link to the external site referenced.
  • Button Text - This will be the text of the button to access the external URL. The default text is "read more.
  • Post Date - The date when you want the featured post to be shown in the stream.
  • Post Time - The hour/minute when that post should be shown in the stream for the given date. The default date/time is the current date/time.
  • Publish To - This is where you choose the team you would like to publish this content to.
  • Post As - If you are an admin this is where you choose to post as the facility or your personal profile.


*Note: Once the date/time is reached, the post will be added to the stream and a push notification will be triggered.

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Learn more about creating the following content: 

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