Best Practices For Engaging Content

The CaredFor content plan is meant to be a jumping off point, upon which your organization adds program and facility-specific content to personalize your app stream for your members. 

The CaredFor content plan includes an average of 5 posts per week across the following topics: 

  • Mental health
  • General wellness 
  • Mindfulness
  • Inspirational content
  • Conversation starter topic questions

The best performing content is geared toward your unique population(s). Consider who you're posting for: what are their struggles, their interests? How can you create value for them? 

You should supplement the CaredFor content plan by posting facility and program specific content 1-2x's a week covering: 

  • Topics directly related to your specific app populations. For example, for an addiction recovery alumni team you should include content specific to sobriety. Or, if you have a team for families of adolescent patients/alumni you should include content on parenting topics.
  • Content related to your specific facility. This could be promoting new programing or policies or celebrating work milestones of employees your alumni know and love. 
  • Interactive activities: contests, challenges, and guided check-ins. Inspiration available in our Community Building Guide.

Resources for sourcing and creating your own content:

  • (free) aggregates articles into curated streams of topics you select. The Resource post type is made for articles, not just displaying them in the stream but also collecting them in the Explore library.
  • (free and paid versions available) is a graphic design web app that supplies eye-catching templates you can populate with your own custom content. Use Canva to create inspiration posts or Infographics you can use as resources. 
  • For stock photography (free): Unsplash and Pexels both have extensive libraries of free images that will make your posts more engaging.
  • You don't have to recreate the wheel, reuse content from your website's blog, your program's podcast, or your social media accounts!

Pro Tip: We're integrated with YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and Kindle Books. When you share from these platforms the content will embed directly in the stream.

Be sure to utilize the correct post-type when scheduling your content:

There are 5 different types of dashboard content post types to choose from. Here's the list of types along with when you might want to use them.

  • Promoted Posts - these are great for announcements, program changes, staff introductions, and general reminders. A push notification goes out when posted, and they can be pinned for prominence at the top of your stream. Promoted posts have the ability to be posted under your name OR the facility and you can embed a linked button which looks more polished than just pasting a URL.
  • Inspirations - the best content for this type of post are made for quotes, recovery reminders, and slogans. They can be pinned for prominence at the top of your stream. 
  • Topics (Conversation Starters) - the goal of this content type is to cultivate community by creating a starting point for guided conversation. It can also be used for contests. They can be pinned for prominence at the top of your stream. 
  • Explore Resources - this content type is meant for educating, inspiring, and sharing tools. These posts live in the Explore Resource Library for future reference.
  • Helpful Tips are designed to educate and answer frequently asked questions. In addition to posting in the stream, they are compiled in the Helpful Tips section of the menu.

Remember, as with most things, quality over quantity should be your motto. If you only have time to create 1 great post per week, create that one strong post rather than 2-3 mediocre ones.

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